Here you will find our Complete Family History.

January 2018

Welcome to this Family History website. I have cleaned up some more bugs, reintroduced the link to Webtrees via Tawny, and still with user credentials, and little else for this page. However, i have made Webtrees the new V5.0 of the website with its built in tools, along with some theme changes, increased privacy for living individuals, updated the Family file and Database along with a new FAQ page, and still some way to go before i am fully satisfied......if ever! My original intention was to eliminate this existing html home page, but it now seems it will have to stay in some form, as the first landing page for this website. However, the side menu could disappear or be severely reduced, once the Courtman and Chalk items have been removed, and no date yet fixed.

Please still be aware that i no longer respond to emails about the site, or about calls for help in tracing your Family, as most people seem to take, and give nothing in return...........But you can always try :-)

Existing Users: Please note that existing access credentials are required for the Webtrees Family file and Database,
and no new accounts are being accepted at this time.

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These pages were started in January 1999, and hosted on Lineone, later to be called Tiscali, and then Talk Talk. So if the names appear familiar then that is why, i am unable to update or delete that site owing to Talk Talk and their policy. That is why i decided to create our own site, and host it some place that we can control, The site will be free of any Flashy adverts, bugs or any other nasties that you can pick up surfing the Web, especially on a Windows machine..........Thank goodness for Linux :-))

Regards, James Fraser

With thanks to: Alan Courtman, Dudley Courtman, Betty Waddell, Daphne Williamson, Sheila Thrift, Chris Ray, Christine Courtman, Fiona Evans, Chris Ward, Jake Nelson, David Walker, Ray Sewell, Roger Suckling, Rose McKeown. Anyone i have missed out? then email me and shout!!
Jean Fraser 1946-2007, Ann (Hourigan) Fraser 1949-2012.

This site is now dedicated to my late wife Ann (Hourigan) Fraser 1949-2012. Rest in peace girl.
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